by Hella Stellar

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released August 5, 2014




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Hella Stellar Modesto, California

dnt hvrt me
bc im scared

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crybaby click crew makin moves
born to lose but ima die first place
blowin sacs to the face casio case
casio on the wrist livin so lav
and im lookin like bliss
lookin for a kiss and im lookin for da blunt
leggo ya weave and shake to the junt
gemini jukey give it up for the rookie
give it up for the stash im vash
stampede no need for a filter
female andy ricter
stealin ya boy and fuckin ya main
im so bad and you so plain
all of you females you all are the same
tounge is on fire and my brain is insane
and im so trill and this throat so raw
tell me are we fuckin or NAH?

susout in the deepweb
throw shade in the deepweb
cnt see me in the deepweb
letcha know where i tred
html bae finna hit that naynay
comin at me cross then ya guna get stunned
its stone cold so stay out my way

laptop lapdance skype romance
doin substance may be my last chance
goin the distance im doin it live
and you sittin there wishin
im sittin here gettin gettin my cut
mouth dirtier than a hentai slut
fillin her up passin the dutch
makin you watch lovin the cuck
drip liike muk im so far out
grippin the nut while you in a drought
eatin me out call that breakfast in bed
ima survive and im gettin ahead
you can drop dead like fred and you can bounce
rest in peace to ya dick pour outta 40 ounce
n im the one who did it didja hear what i said
dumpin off ya body somewhere in the deepweb
Track Name: TEENAGE_Bf (_p.b. Nancy Leticia)
lo-fi gemini, comin like smoov-e
slide on thru to the high school party
over eighteen but an adult body
they say age matter but i say hardly
chopper like a harley female chris farley
trappin in the bathroom white lines blow away
sniff it up w the pay now we lookn for a lay
baby so drunk she may turn gay for the night
tongue fight, but shit she aint my chick

boy lookin dirty got me gettn cougar flirty
barley eight thirty already pervy
maybe somethin up wit my drink
boy too yung he aint never know the kink
cant think gotta back away and light up
shadow boy tonight n he tryn ride up
for the night up for the night out
he spit the good game n drop the rite amount
so damn things are lookn kinda tempting
so immature but kinda alluring
he gettn real cute w my vision blurring
kinda alarming guess he is charming
damn, this is some jailbait shit
gettin hella late and he wanna dip
so fuck it, wanna come to my house tonight?

ride home handsy nurse em like chansey
heat in the backseat feelin like a creep
feelin cheap, but we all love a sale
search a clearance rack for this sorta tail
i really should bail but i cant let go
teen dream guna hit and he already know
high off the snow booty jello
up in the loft strippin the clothes
sqwab up with the nut never done it in the butt
never ever choked a bitch so im teachin em softly
come on just hit it dont make me get bossy
pussy is costly but u getta discount
if u can u can make me scream before i dismount
finish in the mouth and he deep sea diving
legs are dividing hickies and biting
have u done this before bitch i knew u were lying

u my teenage dream; cream
but u aint what u seem
u my teenage boyfriend
but we keep that pretend
now he gettin stuck
now he say he in love
i say: fuck
Track Name: C_U_AGAiN ? (_p.b. Natsu Fuji)
summertime we out here sweatin
show ur face and its a blessin
smile got me straight confessin
personality got me sprung
im done, showin em some love
i aint tryna offend

when can i see u again?
bossy got me right here
what kinda message you send
what might you really intend
maybe the sun gotchu hot
bet ill catch u keepin up the block
stayin hush out the spot
showin no love to a thot
smoother than a menthol
heartbeat like on adderal
better than a first hit
got me flyin like an acid trip
and im trippin off ur number
this should prove to be damn
one hell of a summer

bitch ill prolly hold ur hand
tell ya something that ya like
meet me downtown if ya can
make sure to check your invites
flirt like i play round in sand
prolly diss ya half the night
actin rude but im flirtatious
get like that when i am nervous
truthfully y dont deserve it
leme pull back and reverse it
need a refill leme pour it
even smoke one right before it
boy dont you hold back
you come here you get yours
keepin up with me straight forwards no detours

what you say is always special
way you put together perfect vessel
feelin lost our lovely moment
hella right the sweetest flavor
best believe its sugar coated
open up leme explore it
i wann tell you this is me when im crushin
slowdive like im turtledovin
get me high so we above em
season full of kara sutra
thrown loads cuz u my shoota
summer love its how i do ya

when can i see u again?
bossy got me right here
what kinda message you send
what might you really intend
maybe the sun gotchu hot
bet ill catch u keepin up the block
stayin hush out the spot
showin no love to a thot
smoother than a menthol
heartbeat like on adderal
better than a first hit
got me flyin like an acid trip
and im trippin off ur number
this should prove to be damn
one hell of a summer

meet me at the show
in the back spittin mad flow
and i give it like a pro
on your way im like fasho
get a forty at the store
turn up get a sidewalk slam
ballin like we space jam
tilted yung we goin ham
turn it up cuz this my slap
they sleepin on me takin naps
wake em poke flute
all my hittas super cute
rollin up a bone in my own home
doin grown things smokin home grown
countin sefoam while im stoned
yeaa and i could get ya laced with haste
copy and paste yourself into my sheets
witta skeet skeet and a nigga wanna creep creep
thrust and repeat treat it like a treat
maybe take a seat on his face suffocate
cuz im caked booty ricky lake
im a lush have a touch
catch a crush feel the rush
and im smokin on that loud
and you smokin shush
bitches wanna claim the crown
im just shitfaced on the ground
words are greasy but profound
im so wavy i could i drown
give it up for ya hometown
Track Name: SEEN_ 2:08AM ✔ (_p.b. H_T_A_)
you got your tounge so wrapped around
my own words sittin on the curb
i never learn
see me at the slen gettin drunk again
poundin on a sip pound up on my chest
ugn or we take it back to the crib not back to the day
im talkin 3 ways me on four legs
surprised myself with the fuckin shit that i say
go around and keep it kreepy
shadow boy never leave me
its not easy to defeat me
i keep this knife u cut me deeply

so can you hear it now?
the way u hurt the sound?
gold grill witta black eye
cumshot look like she cryin
n some might think thats gross
but i dont really think like most
i let these drugs erase my mind
wipe ya memory card eternal sunshine
life like a cinema flow got the stamina
bitch give top just like im pamela
anderson i miss westside like anderson
handle them get the gwap
all these gems im tryna cop
i got the nudes your boy perv
lie in the bed that you deserve
i slap n swerve while slowly dyin
i fucked your man cuz you fucked mine
and his best friend too
strike me down if it aint the truth

i gotta lotta voids to fill gotta lotta feels to kill
gotta a little rum left
bae got the loud that'll make you deaf
roll a bone take a hit
smash a hoe then call it quits
die alone i dont give a shit
beat bruised up cuz its a hit

blue hair like ryoko hella hoes like tenchi muyo
keepn stealth up in my dojo
choppers lined up in a row tho

uzi out im bustin ak out im bustin
45 out im bustin sawed-off out im bustin
beef is out and im flexin flow is fire im flexin
cornered out im flexin talk shit and im flexin

hella cool hella rad hella spun hella sad
hella sick hella clever hella dick hella stellar
Track Name: PHANTO_ (_p.b. Ӎacaulaұ C҈ldcuŧs)
strive to survive and i sacrafice
my humanity when i roll the dice
heart so cold that blood pump ice
cut a bitch off and i dont think twice
im schemin gleamin double teamin
gankin on all these marks
creepypasta born in the dark
hit em witta seen followed by a check mark
phanto blaco crybaby clique crew
u gotta buncha fakes i gotta true few
im comin for my key sucka

one day im in love next day i hate it all
moody flow bipolar love call
never see me in the middle of the mall
see me as i creep and crawl
duckin my way thru the urban squall
witha gunblade and ho like quistis
she break it up and he wan twist this
gettin love drunk now he wanna hit this
no i mean really hit this
smacked and bruised and spanked and such
bit and pulled and slammed and punched
i come alive pimphand show love
masochistic like it rough
mistreated while im handcuffed
know its a fact im neva cuffin
all these fuckboys i instruct them

coming from the cosmos ima haunt you i am phanto
taking back whats mine
pale face killa dark mask figya

slugged up from the lean cup
leme getta sip of the purple stuff
go too far cant have enough
fuck em til they dead my life a snuff

took a sniff come back alive
stay up all night lets go for a drive
ride or die, choose suicide
strip ya clothes and swoop ya pride

so now im back and im here to own
yall aint my sons cuz yall disowned
in the zone cuz when in rome
do as the romans do you a sad staryu
and im flexxin, im flexxin,
aint gotta do much to impress em
outta breath and u stressin
go on nigga learn your lesson

rally up my entourage your oasis a miraj
keep low like in camoflague too legit
and you just a fraud
rollin up fresh to death like a bag of ses
im addictive fuck with me im so vindictive
rap game conflicted rap game diamond one
see this rank, smoke this dank
playin w the league but u messin witta tank
got thots who got hoes and bops
i love the boys who love the chop
pancake fag you just a flop
and when im on top for the spot that i fought
for im gun come for you knockn down door
put ya on the floor and rape your ass
get ya shook so ya go to mass
choir boy il make ya sing
think ya know this aint ya scene
slice ya limbs and kill ya clean